An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson Review

The dust jacket of An Enchantment of Ravens is beautiful, and I love the classic look of the cover. I think the story did focus mainly on the romance between the main characters (I feel like a few others may have picked up on this, through Goodreads reviews – and the lovely You/BookTuber  Jadeyraereads (she had a blog for a time, but don’t go looking for it, because she doesn’t do it anymore) has also said this in a book babble she did on the novel (go check her out, she’s awesome! ), but I did enjoy reading it anyway as I do love a good fantasy

As with quite a few of the fantasy novels I have read , the world-building had me enthralled and created such vivid images in my mind as the novel progressed, that I felt like it was all happening around me. Have / do you ever felt like this with a book?

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take. 

Love you guys,

Kath xoxo

Currently reading : The Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden

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