Reading Goals 2018

I didn’t do this  last year and I regret it, though I did do a New Year’s Resolutions post (but I’m pretty sure I didn’t stick to at least half of them) – I’ve printed off some “Goals for 2018” for myself but I won’t be posting those on here.

So, without further-ado here are my reading goals for 2018!

  1. Read 60 books  –  I aimed too high last year (100 books, for you reference) and I think 60 is a much more manageable number for me since I also spend a lot of my time writing 
  2. 6:1 ratio – I read relatively quickly so I thought 6 would be a good number for me, and the ratio stands for read 6 books: buy 1 
  3. Read at least 1 non-fiction book a month
  4. Read a minimum of 3 chapters a day

There you are, my reading goals for this year! If I had gone higher than 4 reading goals I doubt I’d be able to stick to them: too many goals = too much for me to remember haha. 

I’ll do a “mid-year” update of how I’m doing with these goals on my birthday – but feel free to check up on me and ask how I am doing on any of them until then so I keep on top of my game!

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

I don’t say this nearly enough, but I love you guys for looking at and liking my posts , especially the lovely people who do it regularly you really boost my confidence every time you press that like button.

Kath xoxo 

Next post: January Reading Goals

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