November Wrap-Up and Currently Reading

Hey guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while! So I’m publishing three posts today one after the other.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage my reading goals for autumn šŸ˜¦ but I loved the two books I did finish and am loving the books I started, but didn’t finish in November.

What I read in November

The Book of Dust: Volume 1 – La Belle SauvageĀ by Philip Pullman

The Rosewood Chronicles #1: Undercover PrincessĀ by Connie Glynn

What I (started in November and) am currently readingĀ 

Prince Lestat andĀ  The Realms of AtlantisĀ by Anne RiceĀ 

A Shiver of Snow and SkyĀ by Lisa Lueddecke (this is for the Waterstones YA book club I’m a part of, as wasĀ Wonder Woman: WarbringerĀ by Leigh Bardugo)


That’s it. I am disappointed in myself because I only managed to finish two books when I was so set on reading 5 šŸ˜¦ but I am determined to read more than 2 in December!Ā 

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the course you want to take.

Kath xoxo

Next post : Winter Reading Recommendations feat. BFF Tashi


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