Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman Review

I’ve seen a lot of reviews about this book on Goodreads, and a great number of them were very positive, and Jade from YouTune channel Jadeyraereads (you may recognise her name) has read it and liked it as she has a very loved edition, plus it looked like a good read but I’ve been reading other books so it kind of got forgotten for a bit – but now I have, so let’s get into the review!

I must admit, that although I loved the book and the idea of a world we don’t know about below London, I had a hard time actually reading it because of the various breaks in the story: the switching between different characters and where they are in story as it progresses – their perspectives if you like, and it’s that which made it difficult for me to read, so I read one or two chapters at a time and put it down before picking it up again. All that aside though I thought it was well written: his descriptions and attention to detail had a film playing across my mind as I read, and enjoyed it a great deal.


If any of you guys have read it, what did you think?

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Kath xoxo

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