Leonard Hofstadter’s Long Lost Cousin: Chapters 9 and 10 (Georgia x2) – bonus post.

Hey guys, I thought I’d give you this bonus post, since I’m behind on the next review(s) post – though after this fan-fic post the next post you see will be a review post.



A day or so after taking me and Sheldon to the comic-book store, Leonard sat down on the couch with me and went over my GCSEs and the grades from the one year of “further study”, as the boarding school called it, I had completed and was visibly impressed by how high they were.

‘A B in Maths, an A in Psychology, A* in English Literature and Art. Sweetie these grades are amazing! The director has to consider letting you in with these’ he said, and to my surprise Sheldon agreed with him.
‘You’re a very talented girl Georgia, I would be surprised if the university director didn’t let you in’ he said, his mouth twitching at the corners as if attempting to smile.
‘So Georgia, if you do get into the university what do you think you’ll want to study?’ Penny asked, sitting down next to Leonard as he continued to pore over my grades.

‘Given the chance, I’d probably go with English Literature or Art – or maybe both if there’s a BA course that – since I want to become a graphic novelist or a writer-illustrator when I’m older’ I replied.

It was here that Sheldon suddenly spoke up again, ‘You know, you don’t need to take a degree in illustration or graphic design; I have heard of many graphic novelists who never took degrees in those subjects when they left school and they are very successful. You could start your career by being an intern to a local graphic novelist’

I nodded, it sounded like a good idea and I already had two great grades in Art from my previous studies…maybe I didn’t need to go to university?

It was late, and despite having stayed in and not done much today other than doing some more drawings in my sketchpad I was tired, and so after telling the other three I would search for graphic novelists that weren’t too far from here, I bade them goodnight, and then went to bed. 


I got up early the next morning and made myself some hot chocolate from the sachets Leonard bought for me on the way home from Caltech the other day, along with milk; cereal; waffles; bread and other essentials for if I ever woke up earlier than the others, or wanted be alone in Penny’s apartment before going on my laptop and typing “Graphic Novelists in Pasadena” into the Google Maps search bar. It came up with several of them, and after noting down and putting each of the addresses- all of them, to my surprise actually seemed to be the addresses of the novelists themselves- into the “Directions” bar above my cousin’s building and address, discovered that three of them were within walking or bussing distance and, after circling these three and scribbling out the other four, I went onto each graphic novelist’s website and bookmarked the “contact me” page, and then shutdown the laptop and put it away in its case, before getting out my sketchbook and reference pictures, and got to work on the character illustrations for my first graphic novel, something I haven’t actually told Leonard about since I got here; I’m going to wait until it’s finished to show anyone…apart from, perhaps the graphic novelist I get an internship with- parts of it, like the characters and stuff.


A couple of hours later, I was back in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment having a chat with Penny about life at the boarding school, boys, how I got into graphic novels, when the front door opened and someone I recognised from a framed photo of their best friend’s wedding Leonard and Sheldon had on top of a book case came in, closing the door behind him.
‘So, this is the cousin you told us about Leonard, Georgia I believe? Rajesh Koothrapali – but you can call me Raj. Pleased to meet you’ He said, coming over and sitting down on the stool next to the couch.
‘Yes…um…pleased to meet you too’ I replied.
‘Leonard and told me that you’re a big fan of graphic novels and manga, and can sketch pretty well too, that’s awesome’
‘Uh, thanks’
‘Raj leave the poor girl alone’ said Sheldon as he sat down beside me, possibly having noticed that I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.
Itching to start contacting the graphic novelists I’d researched, I stood from the couch and headed over to the door, turning back  as I held the handle.
‘Leonard, when the pizza comes can you bring it over to Penny’s place please? I want to start contacting the novelists I found’ 
He smiled ‘sure, see you in a little bit’
‘Thanks’ I replied, and then headed back over to the little apartment.

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone try to deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

Next post: Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt and The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord Reviews (definitely will be the next one 🙂 )




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