Leonard Hofstadter’s Long Lost Cousin chapters 7 & 8 (Georgia and Leonard)

Here are two more chapters from my fan-fic for you BBT fans!


About three days after I arrived at Leonard’s door, and gotten over my jet-lag a little, he takes me and his best friend Sheldon – who, over the past few days, I’ve discovered is obsessed with a few things most men his age probably lost interest in in their late teens or early twenties- to the comic-book store not far from where they live, while Penny stays at home since it’s one of her days off from work and wants to catch up on some “me time”.

When the three of us enter the store, I notice that more than half of the customers inside are guys about Leonard’s age or younger (I don’t know how old Sheldon is and if I’m honest I’m afraid of asking) all of whom turn their heads to watch me as I weave my way through the racks of comic-books until I get to the back wall, which is filled with lines of graphic novels, and start searching along one shelf until a Marvel novel catches my eye; The New Avengers. Interesting.
Taking it off the shelf, I flick through and stop at a few pages before closing it and heading over to Leonard to show it to him.
‘Give it here and I’ll pay for it,’ he said with a smile, gently tugging it from my grasp ‘is there anything else you like?’
I returned his smile as I shook my head ‘no. Thanks, Leonard but- why?’
He smiled at me again, said  ‘let’s just say it’s going to be the first of all the birthday presents you didn’t get from me over the past few years’ and then headed over to the till to pay for my choice.
‘Hmm, I have never seen his eyes shine the way they did just now….not even with Penny and she’s his wife’ Sheldon said, appearing beside me with a Superman comic-book in his hand.
‘My dad always said he saw my cousin’s eyes shine that way when he looked at me whenever he came round to visit, and he also said that Leonard once told him I was more like a little sister to him than a cousin…although he had an odd expression on his face when he told…a pained one, and I’ve never known why’ I reply, finishing my sentence just as Leonard returns with a bag containing my graphic novel.
‘Here you go sweetie’ he said handing it over and then turning to Sheldon ‘go and pay for your comic-book Sheldon, or we’ll leave you behind’
‘Oh, I bought it already. Two minutes after we came in’
‘Oh, okay then. Right, time to head home- unless there’s somewhere else you’d like to go Georgia?’ Leonard replied, turning back to me.
‘Nope, I’m good’ I smiled.
He nodded with a smile of his own, and then the three of us headed back to their apartment.



When we got back to the apartment, Georgia dropped her bag next to the sofa, sat down and curled up in the corner; pulling out her new graphic novel and opening it.
‘How did it go?’ Penny asked as she emerged from the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a towel.
‘It went great, Georgia found a graphic book she liked, and I bought it for her as one of the several presents I’ve missed over the past few years’ I replied, sitting down beside my cousin. She didn’t look up of course, she was immersed in the colourful pages of her book.
‘Oh, Georgia do you know what you’re going to do in terms of college when the new term starts?’ I asked after a moment or two, nudging her with my elbow to get her attention.
Sliding her finger in between the pages she was looking at, Georgia turned to me and replied, ‘I don’t know. They didn’t talk about it with me in the months leading to my departure’ 
Penny frowned as she came over with three mugs of tea ‘really? Aren’t they supposed to before you leave boarding school?’ She asked, handing me and Georgia each a mug.
‘If they are the one I went to didn’t know about it, and in England if I’d gone to regular school and lived at home I’d probably be going into my second year of A-Levels or in college – in England that’s not university it’s another place you can go to before-hand ‘ Georgia replied, taking a sip of her tea.
I pursed my lips in thought and then asked ‘what did you study after you would have finished GCSE’s ?’
‘Art and Graphic Design, English Literature and Psychology, why?’
‘Well, it just so happens that I have a friend who lectures one of these subjects at one of the local universities close to ours and if we take a look at your GCSE grades and the grades you got from the one year you’ve been studying those subjects, and I have a chat with him and the university director you may be able to start college or “uni” a year early and study the subjects you love the most and were best at’ 

Hope you liked the latest two chapters, the next two will be coming soon (but not today)

Stay true to yourself, and never let anyone deter you from the course you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

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