The Keystone Bone Trilogy: Degradation by Jesper Schmidt review

Much like with Desolation, I became lost within Jesper Schmidt’s world of Erisdün within just a few pages, and my love for characters like Drewet and Aea grew while reading Degradation. I love the names of all the towns/cities in this world Jesper has created, and fact that it’s only the females of The Bronze Tower who are able to practice magic which gives the story a slight feminist feel because they sort of hold more power than a lot of the men- not counting Glacia or Blaze. 

Although the book had its flaws – though there weren’t many, and I won’t go into them- I loved it as much as Desolation– maybe even more! Even with the less happy parts.

Hey guys 🙂 have any of you also read DEGRADATION , and if so what are your thoughts (and also on DESOLATION if you’ve read that too)? 

Click here to read my review of  the first book:  Desolation.  I’ll also be posting this review on Amazon, which I will link here: Degradation 

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Kath xoxo

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