Leonard Hofstadter’s Long-lost Cousin chapters 5 & 6 (Georgia and Leonard)


‘So, why do you only have one suitcase?’ Leonard asked as we entered Penny’s apartment.
‘It’s all I went to the boarding school with. I only brought what is closest to my heart’ I replied, as he stopped beside a sweet little turquoise couch in the middle of the room.
‘Really? All you needed was one suitcase for everything?’ 
I nodded, chuckling at his dumbfounded expression, and pulled the suitcase over onto its back before unzipping it and flipping the lid onto the floor.
On top of the first layer of clothes in the suitcase were a landscape, A4 sized photo of me and dad a couple of years before he passed away, and a medium-sized book of fairy tales I got for my 5th birthday from Leonard and his brother.
Leonard picked up the  book first ‘you still have this? I thought you would have gotten rid of it by now’ 
‘I thought I would too, but it’s one of the books that inspired my writing. I couldn’t let it go’
Putting the book on the coffee table next to him, Leonard picked up the framed photo.
I smiled ‘that was taken two years before he died, during the first week of our summer holidays’
‘Do you remember the last thing he said to you?’ Leonard asked, looking up from the photo.
‘The last thing dad said to me…was to follow my dreams, not to do what my mother wanted me to and to look for you when I was ready and old enough to, because you would help me get where I wanted to go’
‘Really? I feel bad that I don’t remember what his last words to me were’
‘I’m sure dad wouldn’t be mad at you for that, you hadn’t seen him for a while when he passed away’ I replied with a gentle smile as I took the clothes out.
Leonard’s eyes widened when he saw what was revealed, seemingly in shock.
‘You’re into comic books?’ He asked, picking up a few.
‘A little; these are the only ones I have, because they’re my favorite. I’m more into manga and graphic novels’ 
‘I never would have thought you’d grow up into a Superman fan’
‘Oh no, he’s not my favourite’ I said, and held up the two that I looked at the most ‘Captain America, and Amazing Spider-Man are my favourite comic books’

Putting them down I lifted the rest of my clothes out of the case, revealing the manga books and graphic novels I put at the bottom, along with a few pairs of shoes.                       ‘Is this really all you have?’ Leonard asked, putting my clothes on the couch as I picked up my rucksack ‘there’s still this you know’
He chuckled ‘and what’s in there?’
‘My laptop, my favourite and most treasured normal books, my glasses-yes, I need those too two pencil cases…and a sketchbook’
‘Ah, I see; you’re a book geek and an artist?’ he replied.
‘You could say that; I mostly draw things out of my graphic novels and anime or manga pictures printed (or on my laptop screen) from Google ‘ I replied, handing him the sketchbook and getting up; retrieving my pyjamas from the pile of clothes on the couch.
‘Wow….these are brilliant Georgia’ he called as I went into Penny’s room to change.
‘Thanks. I started doing stuff like that after watching my first anime series and then reading the corresponding manga- probably not the right order to do it in’ I replied, when I came back in.
‘Say, is there a comic-book store near to where you live?’



I stared at her in shock and awe, because no girl I’ve ever met has asked me whether we had a comic-book store nearby- there was this one girl I met there, but that’s not relevant.
‘Y-yeah, do you want me to take you down there in a couple of days? You might want to spend a day or two recovering from the flight’ I replied.
She nodded sleepily, with a smile on her face ‘sounds great’
I smiled. She was still as adorable as ever, even after the years that had passed.
‘Goodnight sweetheart’ I told her, pulling her softly into a hug and kissing the top of her head before heading to the door, turning round as I left ‘do you know how to lock the door, or do you want me to show you?’
‘I think I can figure it out’ she replied.
I smiled, bidding her goodnight a second time before heading back across the hall.


When I returned to the apartment, Sheldon and Penny were both sat on the couch with mugs of hot chocolate and talking about something, but when they saw me they finished their conversation.

‘Is she okay in there?’ asked Penny.

I nodded ‘yeah, she’s good. You want to know something amazing I learned about her today?’

‘She plays soccer? Basketball?’ Sheldon offered, clearly eager to learn what amazing fact I was about to divulge about my cousin.

‘No. She’s a comic-book fan and reads manga too’

He looked delighted, a rare genuine Sheldon smile creeping across his face.                    ‘Oh, this is brilliant! You’re taking her to the comic-book store, aren’t you? Can I come?’ he asked, almost leaping off the couch, he was so happy.

I chuckled, and replied ‘yes, in a couple days. She’s been on a long flight so she’ll need some time to relax and rest…and of course, you can come’

‘Oh goody!’ he exclaimed, hopping off his spot and putting his mug in the sink before running to his bedroom.

Penny and I shared a chuckle. 

‘Are you ready for bed?’ I asked, seeing her eyes drooping a little.

‘Yeah, I waited up until I knew Georgia was safe for the night’                                              

‘Aw look at you, you old softy’ I said with a smile, pulling her up.  It had been a long, long day- but after seeing Georgia again for the first time in over five years, I knew my days were about to get a whole lot better.

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