Leonard Hofstadter’s Long-lost Cousin: chapters 3 & 4 (Leonard and Penny)


When I opened the front door, I was met withUncle Floyd’s sea blue eyes, and Aunt Edna’s contrasting dark brown hair.
‘Georgia- you’ve grown’ I said.
She smiled, clearly happy I hadn’t forgotten my youngest cousin.
‘It’s been a while, Leonard’ 
I was taken aback by her slightly English accent, but didn’t say anything except ‘it must have been ten years since I last saw you’ I smiled, and then added ‘how have I not seen you since you were six years old?’
She pursed her lips as she contemplated how to answer the question, then spoke.
‘I guess it’s because after I turned seven, I….kind of kept to myself and didn’t want to hang out with anyone’ 
I frowned, and then realised I hadn’t invited her in, and did so.
‘Thanks’ she said, dragging a large suitcase in behind her as I closed the door.
‘So, why did you not want to hang out with anyone after you turned seven?’ I asked as she brought the suitcase to a standstill beside the sofa before dumping the big rucksack she had on-top.
‘I don’t really know. Usually that thing happens when you turn sixteen or something, but I haven’t had any moody moments yet, so I guess I’m an exception’ she replied.
I laughed, turned to Penny, and said, ‘Penny, this is my cousin Georgia. Georgia, my wife Penny’ 
Georgia smiled shyly at Penny and said, ‘it’s a pleasure to meet you’ offering her hand, but Penny ignored it and pulled her in for a hug.
‘It’s lovely to meet you too’ she smiled, and sat back down; patting the space next to her. 
‘Sit next to me’
Georgia smiled, and sat down as I headed over to the kitchen.
‘Do you want something to drink Penny, Georgia?’ I asked.
‘Do you have Camomile?’ Georgia asked.
‘Yes we do, I’ll make that for you. What do you want honey?’ I replied, turning my gaze to Penny.
‘I’ll have some more coffee sweetie’ she replied, then turned to Georgia.
‘So Georgia, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?’ she smiled.
‘Well, I play the piano and sing a little, speak Italian…and I read a lot of fantasy novels’ Georgia replied.
‘Cool! Do you write as well?’
‘A little’ 
‘So, what brings you here, Georgia?’ I asked as I brought their drinks over.
‘Well, it’s kind of hard to explain’ she said, and handed me a folded piece of paper ‘..my father left that to me in his will…I showed it to Sheldon already, when I bumped into him downstairs’ 
I took the letter from her, unfolded it and began to read.



Leonard stood there for some time, absorbed in the letter.
‘Honey, are you okay?’ I asked, getting up and going over to him.
‘Uncle Floyd…he left me a large sum of money to cover any outstanding bills I might have…and to cover any extra costs that could arise if Georgia ever came to me’
‘How much did he leave you?’ 
‘A lot‘ he replied.
‘I’ve got the check on me now, put it in a secret compartment in my suitcase’ Georgia said, standing up and going over to her suitcase, unzipping a part of it we couldn’t see and then coming back with an envelope addressed to Leonard, and handing it to him.
Tentatively, Leonard reached out and took it from her; opening it slowly and pulling out the check it enclosed as Georgia said 
‘My father saved a great deal of money in case he died suddenly, and left each family member he felt close connections to a large sum of it in his will; to myself alone he left over two hundred thousand dollars’ 
Leonard’s gaze lifted from the check in his hands to Georgia ‘this is…..a lot of money’ he said, knowingly stating the obvious ‘I don’t know what do with half of it’
She smiled ‘then put it in the bank until you know what to do with it’ then, appearing sleepy and a little jet-lagged sat down heavily on the couch, rubbing at her eyes.
‘Do you want to go to bed? You’ve probably had a long day’ Leonard asked her.
‘Is there room? I mean…you and Sheldon live together and from what I’ve figured there are only two bedrooms’ she replied, looking up at him.
‘Why don’t you sleep in my apartment? It’s just across the hall’ I suggested, then added 
‘We’re switching between my apartment and theirs until Sheldon feels okay on his own- don’t ask’
‘Okay. Thank you Penny’ she smiled.
I returned the smile ‘no problem’
‘I’ll help you with your suitcase’ Leonard said and stood up from the armchair, going around the sofa to get it.
‘Goodnight Georgia’ I said as they walked out.
‘Goodnight’ she replied, waving her hand once, as she and Leonard left the apartment.


Hey guys, hope you liked my latest BBT fan-fic chapters, the next two will be coming soon. 

Stay true to yourself and don’t ever let anyone deter you from taking the path you want to take.

Kath xoxo

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