TBBT Leonard Hofstadter’s Long-lost Cousin Chapters 1 & 2 (Georgia and Sheldon)


After a very- very long flight, I get a cab from the airport to the address my father wrote at the bottom of his letter, and when I step up to the large door of the building my cousin lives in, after paying the cab driver- my heart is pounding.
What if he doesn’t recognise me? Or even like me? I thought to myself as I held the door handle and then, out-loud, I said ‘don’t be ridiculous! How can you know either of those things if you haven’t seen him in several years?!’
As I enter the building, I am greeted by a tall, lanky man with an old style hair-cut, mustard yellow trousers and a t-shirt that appears to be worn over a long-sleeve top, the word BAM! written in large red cartoon letters across the middle, coming round the corner of a wall beside four rows of little post boxes, holding a large white basket in his hands.
‘Can I help you?’ he asked, when he noticed me standing beside the staircase.
‘ Oh, um- yes, do you know where Leonard Hofstadter lives?’ I asked nervously, afraid he might not hear me.
It seemed he had heard me, because he said, ‘it just so happens that I am Leonard’s roommate, Sheldon…who might you be?’ 
‘M-my name is Georgia’ I replied, stammering a little.
He was silent for a few moments, then asked ‘and why do you wish to see him?’
I looked down at me feet, finding the courage to say to it
‘I-I’m his cousin’

Sheldon stood there, not making a sound or moving for a moment, and then repeated what I’d told him in the form of a question.
‘His cousin?’ 
I nodded, taking the letter out of my pocket and holding it out to him.
‘My father, Leonard’s uncle Floyd, left me this in his will’ 
He took the letter and read it for what seemed like only a second before he passed it back to me and said, ‘follow me’ before heading for the stairs.
‘Okay!’ I replied, and hurried to catch up with him.


Around ten minutes later, Sheldon stopped in front of a door with ‘4a’ in gold lettering above the peep-hole, and balanced the washing basket on his hip as he took out a key and put it in the door lock.
‘Wait here for a moment’ he murmured, and slipped into the apartment leaving the door open a crack, perhaps so that I wouldn’t feel shut out.



When I got into the apartment I found my roommate, Leonard, and his wife Penny, sat on the sofa watching TV.
I watched him for a moment, wondering how to break the fact that a cousin he hadn’t seen since she was a young child was stood outside our door, waiting to be invited in. 
‘Leonard, can I talk to you for a moment?’ I asked, setting my washing basket on the kitchen island.
‘Uh-sure’ he replied, and came over ‘so, what is it?’
‘…There is a young lady out in the hallway with a letter from her father’
Leonard stared at me ‘and? Why are you telling me this?’
‘Because her father was your Uncle Floyd. She said you haven’t seen her since she was a young child’
‘Which part of that did you not understand?’ I replied, confused. 
‘No, no- are you saying Georgia is outside the apartment, right now?’
‘Yes. I just told you Leonard; you really need to work on your listening skills’
‘Sheldon! Why didn’t you just tell me she was outside in the first place?!’ He asked, exasperated before heading over to the door, and opening it.

Hey guys, I hope you liked the first two chapters of my BBT fan-fic, I’m going to aim to have the next two will be up either tomorrow or Monday afternoon.

Stay true to yourself and don’t let anyone deter you from the path you want to take.

Kath xoxo















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