Big Bang Theory Fan-Fic: Leonard Hofstadter’s Long-lost Cousin- Introduction

I do not own any of the original characters in the BBT mentioned throughout this fan-fiction, or the logo used in each instalment, they are the property of those involved in the series (producers, writers etc.) – but I do own the characters Georgia, Nathaniel, Matthew, and the others in Nathaniel’s family, as well as the fan-fiction itself, so please do not attempt to use or pass it off as your own, although if any of you lovely readers of my blog are also fans and want to create a fan-fic from mine just ask through the contact details on my Get In Touch page (or if you want to share any of your own BBT fan-fics, or fan-fics you’ve written for other TV shows you love, feel free).


It’s been several years since Leonard’s Uncle Floyd died, and life has moved on. What Leonard doesn’t know, is that his cousin Georgia (now almost seventeen) is on her way to him after leaving boarding-school, having been told by her late father that he would help her get where she wants to go if she ever chose to go to him. 

What events will unfold after her arrival, no-one can predict- but what is certain, is that from the second she walks through his door, Georgia will change Leonard’s life- and the lives of those around him- forever, and for the better.

Okay guys, there’s the introduction and synopsis to my BBT fan-fic, the first two chapters will be along after I publish my Carve the Mark review (which won’t be long).

Stay true to yourself, and don’t ever let anyone deter you from the path you wish to take.

Kath xoxo

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