MOON CHOSEN (Tales of a New World #1) review

I loved it!

I got the feeling that it was set in a world after ours, like…another age? Where electricity has been destroyed and the people have split into different “Tribes” “Clans”,that each have their own way of life – though I don’t care for the Skin Snatchers (won’t go into that, as it’s a little hard to explain, and also spoilers).

Loved the Tribe of the Trees (or the Tree Tribe), with their nests, and bridges, and lifts above the forest floor, as well as the Companions concept; a canine (a Shepherd or Terrier) chooses to bond with a Companion- a member of the Tribe-, but I won’t go into anymore than that, as there are other details about the Tree Tribe and their culture that I won’t go into. I also like the Earth Walkers (named “Scratchers” by others), who have a “Moon Woman” who is like their leader and washes the men and women of the Clan, of “Night Fever”,  a sort of illness that makes everyone sad and causes the men to go wild, every third night.

My favourite characters are Mari, Nik, and the Shepherd Regal- though I won’t go into them and the roles they play in the story, as it may spoil the thrill of learning about them if any of you decide to read it.

I will say that I can’t wait for the next one!

Stay True To Yourself. Don’t Ever Let Others Deter You From The Road You Wish To Take.

Kath xoxo

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