ERAGON and ELDEST by Christopher Paulini

eragonI have both read the book, and seen the movie adaptation of the first book in Paolini’s Inheritance cycle and, as per usual I preferred the book to the adaptation. It was far more detailed, and enjoyable, and allowed me to imagine for myself what the characters might look like rather than go by what they looked like in the movie.

eldestELDEST was just as exhilarating a read as ERAGON. I loved the switching between the three characters’…perspectives, despite not being written from their point of view- Eragon, Nasuada and Roran-, those who have read it and the two remaining books, will know what I am talking about. From the very first page, as with ERAGON,  a film was forged in my mind from the brilliant words that Christopher wrote, the images as vivid and bright as if the book were playing out in front of me, and felt the emotions of the characters as my own, and I also entered new realms, and met some new characters that I had become fond of by the end of it. I have only five favourite characters from the many that have appeared, though that could change by the end of the series but I will not mention them- yet.

Stay True To Yourself. Don’t Ever Let Others Deter You From The Road You Wish To Take.

Kath xoxo

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