(Very Small) April Book Haul

Hey guys! I thought I would do a post on a few books I bought today, and will either be read in addition to the nine I am determined to read this month, or left until May.


To put it loosely, this is about a girl named Starr who lives between two worlds; poor neighboured home and posh suburban high school- but the shooting of her unarmed best friend to which she is the sole witness shatters the uneasy balance between them, and the events that follow could be devastating.

dragons green

It is hard to give a description of Dragon’s Green without giving the whole book away, so I will say this using the blurb as a guide as with the other book: Effie Truelove (cool name huh?) is a new student at a special school, and when her beloved grandfather is brutally attacked she promises to look after his books- but when they are taken by a shady book-collector, she embarks on a dangerous mission to get them back…

Depending on when I read The Hate U Give , it may be the next book review I post.


Stay True To Yourself. Do Not Let Anyone Deter You From The Direction You Want To Take.

Kath xoxo

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