Book Review: Eclipse (may contain spoilers)

Hello from Germany at the beginning of this review, as I’m here for a family event (don’t worry, it’s a happy one), and so,  here we go. 

I found the third instalment of the Twilight saga more exciting than the other two, and more exhilarating, maybe because there was a lot more action to be had in this one than its predecessors. My heart pounded, and I shared Bella’s fear when she realised why someone had been in her room and taken some of her things, but I was also sort of proud of her when she insisted on helping in any way she could to distract them, and send them where Edward’s family wanted them to go.

I was like “argh!” when Bella and Jacob kissed relatively near the end (Bella had given her consent this time of course) because I know that she loves him even if she loves Edward more- but I was also kind of angry at Jake because he tricked her into asking him – though that’s not touched on in the movie).

That’s the end of that review, and it’s goodbye from Germany as I will be home when I publish my next post.

Stay True To Yourself.

Kath xoxo

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