Book Review: Twilight

I loved reading this again, despite having left it on my bookshelf for so long after my last read.

After finishing the book, I decided to watch the movie to see how they differed, and there were a few differences between them, as there are between most movies and the books they have been adapted from (though please do correct me if I am wrong about this). I noticed that the conversation Bella and Edward have about the fact she has realised what he is takes places in different locations, and there are also different parts of the book that didn’t make it into the movie- most likely because they would have either lengthened the movie further, or the creators tried turning them into scenes and they didn’t make the final cut- which I enjoyed reading. I am in no way criticising the movie, or its creators for changing or not including parts of the book in this review, just briefly talking about a few differences I noticed between the two, and love each of them equally as much as the other.

I am already reading the second book, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Stay True To Yourself.

Kath xoxo

Next time: New Moon book review.



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