Girl Online- On Tour


After loving Girl Online, I knew that I would love Girl Online On Tour, and….

I absolutely loved it! Possibly more than the first one. The characters were just as vibrant, and I loved the introduction of Alex into the story,- and him of course; he and Elliot are the cutest couple ever, and just surpass Noah and Penny as my favourite couple.

I also loved that the book takes you from one country to another, and the chapters where Penny is out and about in each city the music tour goes to,are written in so much detail, that I felt as if I was actually in the book, with her. Oddly enough, despite loving each and every page of the book, there was one part of a particular chapter, that felt a little too real for me; the tour takes Penny to Rome and, I won’t go into too much detail here, gets stuck in a large crowd of people around the Trevi Fountain, and has a panic attack because she can’t get out. I, like Penny, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and have done since I was in high school (which I may go into at a later date in a blog post), and large crowds I can’t find my way out of are always a trigger, and reading this part of the chapter triggered a rather big one that kept me from sleeping for a good while- didn’t stop me loving the chapter or the rest of the book though!

Anyway, that’s the review, I hope you liked it (if you have not the book yet, I hope I haven’t spoiled too much of it for you) and I’ll you soon with another blog post soon.

If you’ve read Girl Online and Girl Online On Tour , what was your favourite part/moment in each book? Comment below, tweet me @KatharinaSinead, or find me via if you are on it- but don’t be too detailed.

Stay True To Yourself.

Kath xoxo

Next post: Girl Online Going Solo.

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