ELVES: Beyond the Mists of Katura

Hey guys, it’s time for another review! I wasn’t sure about writing a review on the final part of the ELVES trilogy, but thought I might as well, since I’ve done one for the other two.

I really enjoyed reading the last instalment of ELVES, because it was filled with just as much action, and intensity, as the other two- perhaps more. I also shed some tears at some chapters, and cursed at certain characters I didn’t like- especially when they did something I found really outrageous and angering. Although I love all the ELVES books, I think that Beyond the Mists of Katura is my favourite,  because the words of the story created more of a picture within my mind, and had more of an impact on me.

This book was one of those that I loved so much it was hard to put into words, which is why this particular review took so long to post, because I found it hard typing all of the words in my head into a review post.

I will finish this review with this message, before I sign off in my usual fashion, and hope you take something from it; sometimes, it’s not about how much you write, but what you write, and the passion you write it with.

Stay True To Yourself.

Kath xoxo

Next post: February Favourites & March TBRs- will start posting on  my Wattpad.com (Katharina Sinead) Conversations wall, and on Twitter (KatharinaSinead) the day before I publish a post, so keep an eye out.

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