The Potion Diaries by Amy Alward

Hey guys, yet again I’m posting impossibly late, I am so sorry! I’ve been very busy with my writing, but anyway let’s get into another short but positive review WARNING: may contain spoilers:

I absolutely loved reading The Potion Diaries, I thought it was a charming, thrilling novel filled with adventure, friendship, family love, and romance, that had my attention from the blurb, and had it still from the start of the first chapter. I loved the characters (most of them, anyway) and the way the novel was written, the humour hidden within some of the chapters, and the fact that it’s split into two narratives, because it gives the reader a view and an idea of what’s going on inside Nova (the fictional kingdom in which the story starts) and also what’s happening on the outside where “The Hunt” (I won’t go into detail, because it may give a lot about the story away) is taking place. 

I also loved the ending to the first novel in The Potion Diaries series, which makes me want to read the next one- that is always a thing with me; if I don’t love the first book and/or how it ends, I won’t read the next one, silly as though it might seem, it saves me wasting money on another book I won’t enjoy reading.

Okay guys, that is it for this book review (again, I am so sorry for the late delivery), I will see you next time.

Stay true to yourself.

Kath xoxo

P.S I will not be posting a January Favourites, because I did not read many books over the month, but I will do a February Favourites post at the beginning of March.


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