What I Got For Christmas!

Hey guys, it’s time for my first “What I Got For Christmas!” post. I have written a little bit alongside each photo.


I asked for ELVES: Beyond the mists of Katura because I have read the first two novels in the series, and loved them.

I wanted  THE GREEK MYTHS: STORIES OF GREEK GODS AND HEROES VIVIDLY  RETOLD , because I have loved Greek mythology and things based around it, for a long time and have been using parts of it (i.e. the Greek gods)in my writing…but in short, I simply find Greek mythology fascinating!


I wanted Girl Online: ON TOUR and GOING SOLO  (I know, a bit late to the party), because I read Girl Online and loved it! I’m also a fan of Zoe Sugg aka Zoella, and I feel like I’m getting to know her through her books.


love to bake! Which is why Nerdy Nummies was on my Amazon Wishlist this Christmas, and I love watching Rosanna’s baking videos, so I have seen her make some of the yummy stuff in her cookbook and will probably look to those videos for guidance if I am stumped on any of  the recipes.


I have always been a fan of calligraphy, having seen it in old texts in documentaries and such, and have had wanted my own calligraphy set for some time, both because I want to use it my book writing (old letters and reports that can be scanned in etc.) and because I think it’s a beautiful art worth learning- and parchment paper is always useful.


These two were a welcome surprise, and I love them both (patter, size, layout etc.). I will be using the one to the left for personal use (when to type up a book chapter, do a blog post etc.), while using the other for work purposes which, I have to say, is the one to the right because of the “THIS IS MY YEAR” on the cover, and has pages you can colour in. 

I received other presents, including a Calvin Klein, but they are not really related to books. 

Until the next time!

Kath xoxo


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