For The First Time by ChasingMadness (Wattpad novel)

This is a review of one of my favourite wattpad novels, and is actually  featured in the “Young Adult Book Reviews”, and I am part of a group of wattpad readers/ writers who choose books from a YA novels reading list and write reviews on them, and this is the most recent one. If you are on Wattpad, I would recommend you read this!


It is hard to put into words how much I loved this novel.

For The First Time is the first book of its kind that I have read, and I loved it from start to finish.

While writing this review, I’m going to try and not give away too much about the novel but even if I do I’m sure it’ll just make you want to read it too.

I love Juliette’s character, because she’s such a strong young woman, despite having suffered a heart-breaking loss, and personally think she’s quite sassy. I also think that she’s a very determined person who won’t leave TJ alone despite his stubborn personality, occasional rudeness, and the fact he keeps trying to push her away several times.

Despite all his quirks, the rudeness and his attitude, Julie slowly starts to get through to him and they soon develop a connection that slowly grows, despite a few hiccups, over the course of the story.

She also begins to get along better with others around her, including the sons of her God Mother, and makes a few friends.

TJ is one of those characters that I fell for almost immediately, because although he has his quirks, such as his stubbornness occasional rudeness towards people, I found him to be a funny, emotional, sensitive- among other things- character who is also ambitious and doesn’t let his blindness stop him from doing things like (WARNING slight spoiler alert) cliff jumping with his friends. If he were a real person, he would be the type of person I would want to become best friends with because I am one of those people who doesn’t care about the way someone looks on the outside or whether they can see or not, but more what they’re like on the inside; you can be gorgeous on the outside, but ugly and horrid on the inside like Lauren Winters (that’s just my own opinion), or blind and kind of handsome ( I got the handsome bit from bits of the story, but it’s entirely possible I misread it) on the outside, yet beautiful, kind and sensitive on the inside like TJ and his friends, so I would be friends with him and his friends from the club at school rather than Lauren.

Upon reaching the end of my review, you may be wondering why I’ve only written about Juliette and TJ. This is because they were the two characters that spoke to me the most, and made me feel as if I was there with them throughout the story.

Katharina xoxo



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