ELVES:Once Walked With Gods by James Barclay

Hey guys! It’s time for another book review!

ELVES: Once Walked With Gods has become one of my favourite books ever. Not only was it a fantasy series  which I love (I’m currently reading the second right now), and based around elves – which helps with my writing in some ways- , it was packed with action and each chapter was filled with brilliant detail ( at least, I thought so some readers might think differently), making it a very compelling and exciting read. There were parts of it, like where Barclay writes the characters battling each other and such, that really made my heart pound and I always love a book that does that, and also parts that made me cry. The  chapters involving gory “scenes” I did not like reading, however, and grimaced while reading a couple of them because of how graphic they were- this is in no way a criticism, I am just not a big fan of gory movies, or books that have chapters that have gory bits in them.

Despite the fact I didn’t enjoy some of the chapters because they had gory content in them, I really loved this book and can’t wait to finish book 2 and start number 3.


Kath xoxo

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