Letters From Lighthouse Cottage



Ali has done it again with her magical words, and attracted my attention to Sandybridge and Grace’s life, and made me feel like I was in the story with Grace, walking invisible alongside her.

I loved the story line and Grace and the other characters, especially Charlie because of his personality; he’s sensitive, kind, shy, romantic in some ways, loyal,smart and hardworking but can also be irritable at times, and he sounds like someone I’d either want as an older brother because I grew up without one around the house( I do have two older brothers but they’re in the 40s and 30s and they’d left home long before I was born) or my best friend because he is also quite protective.

I am sooooo sorry for how long it has taken me to publish another post for you guys, since finishing Lost Princess  I’ve been planning the first three chapters of the next in my ELANDREA Chronicles so have been neglecting my blog, but I am going to try and alternate between writing posts and writing my next EC instalment, and will probably also do a blog related New Year’s resolution.

Still, hope you liked the review and read the book it really is a good read. 

Where you get it( that I know of): Amazon, Waterstones and WHsmith 

Kath xoxo

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