The Girl With No Memories – synopsis and Prologue


One snowy night before Christmas, Danny Jenkins discovers a young girl collapsed on his parents’ doorstep and takes her into their house out of the freezing cold, and her appearance makes it obvious that she wasn’t from the area and had clearly been running away from somewhere- or someone.

Danny saved the girl’s life that day and in the process, changed his life- but how will their story end?

(this is only a rough idea of the synopsis, I may change it in the future)


It’s a cold winter’s night-although not Christmas yet- and everybody is safely inside their homes, either sat around a cosy fire cooking marshmallows just inside the flickering flames or playing board-games at the dining table.

One child, however, is not enjoying the warmth of a house and a cosy fire.

A girl, around twelve years old wonders through the streets with no recollection of who she is or was before she turned twelve – or even how she ended up at this small country town, all she knows is that she needs to get somewhere safe away from the people who hurt and used her.                                                                                                                                          She continues to wander, her brain and body tired from lack of sleep, her arms, legs and feet aching and sore from the lack of clothing against the bitter cold and biting wind, until she collapses on the doorstep of a large house; hitting the door itself heavily as she falls.


Hearing a loud thud against his parents’ front door, nineteen year old Danny Jenkins (visiting his parents and very recently turned thirteen year old brother Henry for the Christmas holidays after his first year at university) walks down the hallway and opens the door before getting a shock as he finds the young girl collapsed on the doorstep wearing only a short, slightly ripped pale blue dress that barely covers her arms and legs. He immediately reached down; picking her up before taking her inside and kicking the door closed as he stepped back into the warm house.

‘Who was that in this weather?’ his mother, Harriet asked as he returned to the living-room, exclaiming when she saw the girl wrapped tightly in his arms.

‘She was collapsed on the doorstep outside, she’s almost frozen to death; not surprising, since she’s only wearing this pale blue dress. It barely covers her arms and legs’ he said, lying her down gently on the empty sofa and draping the soft warm blanket in the basket next to it over her to warm her up, then followed up with another to be safe.

‘I think there’s a good chance she was running away from someone; look at the state of her clothes’ Henry said, padding over in his slippers and slowly kneeling down on the carpet so he wouldn’t wake the sleeping child ‘and she’s so young…she can’t be older than twelve years old’ he murmured softly as his older brother lowered himself onto the floor next to him.

‘You’re right, Henry’ his brother replied, tipping himself backwards before crossing his long legs in front of him, and then continued.

‘Did you see the blisters on her feet when I brought her in? She must have been running for hours before she collapsed’

‘…I wonder who she was running from’ Henry murmured as Harriet left the room to go into the kitchen.

‘Your mother has gone to the kitchen to fix a broth for the girl when she wakes up’ their father, Jack said as they frowned at her sudden disappearance, and then followed her out; planning to make the young girl a mug of hot coco.

‘Do you think she will wake up, Danny? She looked so frail when you brought her in’ Henry asked.

‘Of course she will, Henry; she’s breathing fine, look’ Danny replied, pointing to where the two blankets that covered the girl’s chest rose and fell steadily as she slept.

‘…She’s very pretty, isn’t she’ Henry murmured, and Danny saw a loving look in his eyes as he gazed at her.

‘Yes, she is…even if she is only twelve years old’ he said, agreeing with him.

Henry smiled softly and reached out, pulling a strand of hair gently away from the girl’s face and tucked it behind her ear.

‘You seem to have taken a liking to her already Henry’ Danny commented, having observed his brother for a few moments.

‘What do you mean?’ Henry asked, turning to him as his cheeks became a little pink.

‘I saw the way you were looking at her when you said how pretty she was; there was a look in your eyes that I’ve never seen before’ Danny replied, smiling as Henry’s cheeks deepened to a light red.

‘I just think she’s cute, that’s all…do you think mum and dad will adopt her?’ his brother inquired, turning back to the sleeping girl.

‘I’m not sure Henry, we’d have to ask them…but, if they do adopt her, you’d kind of be her big brother’ Danny replied with a mischievous smile.

‘What do you mean by that?’ Henry asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘I mean…if she became your sister, you wouldn’t be able to act on your feelings’ Danny grinned.

Henry’s cheeks flushed a deep crimson, and he knitted his eyebrows together in an annoyed expression ‘Danny!’ he exclaimed, punching his older brother on the shoulder.

‘Ha-ha, sorry Henry. I’ll stop now’ he laughed, holding up his hands in surrender just as their parents came back in.

‘Is she awake yet?’ Jack asked as he set the mug of hot coco he had made on the coffee table in the middle of the two sofas, but closer to the one on which the young girl slept.

‘Not yet. It could be some time before she does’ Henry replied as Harriet brought in a bowl of broth (or soup, whichever you’d like to call it) on a tray, and set it down on the coffee table.

‘I hope she wakes up’ Henry said, and added ‘I’d like to get to know her…and I’m sure the three of you would too’

Almost the second he finished his sentence, a miracle happened.

The girl’s eyes fluttered open.

Hope you guys liked that first part of the story. Chapter One will be published on Tuesday.

Kath xoxo 








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