***WARNING: this review may contain spoilers***

Whoa! This book is possibly one of the best I have read. 

I love the story plot and Laia and Elias’ characters, and also love the fact that there is a sort of love quadrangle between these two and two other characters that causes a little tension, but that just added some excitement. I feel a tug of sympathy towards Laia though, because she’s lost most of her family and the one meme be she has left is in danger, so I think it’s great that she develops a close bond with Elias.

There are a few characters that I don’t really like for various reasons; The Commandant, Markus and Zak ( I may have got Markus’ name wrong, if I have I’ll come back and change it ) and also the Rebel leader.

I would recommend AN EMBER IN THE ASHES to those who are fans of action/ romance and similar genres, and perhaps also The Hunger Games because of the rank layout.

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