Summoner #1 : The Novice

I cannot put into words how much I love this writer’s work! Taran is proof of what hours of dedication and daily updates can lead to; his writing career started on Wattpad, his daily updates gained him over 3 million reads within 6 months. Though I do not know him very well, I do interact with him through Wattpad Messenger every so often and he is one of the nicest guys I’ve spoken to.

The Novice had me from page 1, it has everything I love and look for in  a novel like this;  fantasy and possibly a supernatural elements, tension at times as well as suspense- though those two might be considered the same thing-, friendship between characters, action and many other things, and it took me less than three days to read I loved it that much!

My favourite characters from the whole book have to be Fletcher (I absolutely love his personality, and the description Taran gives of him makes me imagine a handsome young man, which makes me feel a little weird as I am older than him by a fair few years at 19), his demon Ignatius and the elf girl Sylva (honourable mentions: Othello, Arcturus and his demon Sacharissa) .

While I know that romantic relationships between an elf and a human rarely happen in novels, I really hope that Fletcher and Sylva develop a close friendship and show that it’s possible for love to develop between human and elf.

 Go and read it! And the prequel Origins too!

7 thoughts on “Summoner #1 : The Novice

      • Akaluv says:

        Good for them. Sorry, but I have a great dislike for Wattpad. As a company, Wattpad treats most of their writers poorly and causes division between writers. I hope one day more users will see Wattpad for what they are.

        Liked by 1 person

      • katharinasineadsbookblog says:

        I can understand where your coming from, though I myself am a Wattpad writer. I personally had a good response when I enquired about something , though I believe you’r e right about the dividing of authors, because you can see the reading count of everyone’s “works” it’s like there’s a competition that no one can see going on between every author, because there will be some who want to get more reads than everyone else- though I myself am not one of them. I don’t put my stories on there to get as many reads as I can,I put them on there because I want to share them with others, regardless of whether everyone else will like them or not. (Apologies for the long reply)


      • Akaluv says:

        Thanks for understanding. I just don’t care for Wattpad, and I hope one day that website will go down. Or if not go down, at least get management that actually cares about their writers.


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