Summoner Book One: The Novice, and The Demon Prince of Momochi House

Before I began this new post, I want to apologise for how late it is being posted, as I stated in my last post- which was a few weeks ago now- that I would be publishing a post on some new books I had bought the day after, and then didn’t because I both forgot to and had other things playing on my mind including an up-coming Maths exam I was dreading. In the future, I will plan out and then schedule the posts I intend to publish beforehand so I do not forget to.

Anyway, on with the book post!

Side-note: these descriptions are not as you will find on the back of the book or online, as I have tried to put them into my own words, and the first is not a full description as it is relatively long. Also, if anyone is confused by the two different name orders of the second author leave a comment and I will either reply or do a short post on it as it can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with Japanese works and the way people’s names are written.

Summoner Book One: The Novice by Taran Matharu 

Following on from the Summoner prequel (Origins) The Novice follows Fletcher, an orphaned blacksmith’s apprentice who discovers  that he has the rare gift of being able to summon demons from another world, and as one of the few with this gift will be taught at Vocans Academy in the art of summoning….

The Demon Prince of Momochi House (TDPMH)  (2) by Aya Shouoto (or in Japan Shouoto Aya)

On her sixteenth birthday, Himari Momochi inherited Momochi House, a property built on the border between the human and spiritual worlds, and discovered upon arrival that it was already being lived in by a boy named Aoi, who turns out to be the Omamori-sama and is able to turn himself into a demon in order to protect the house from demons that have escaped the realm of spirits, as well as his shikigami- summoned spirits that protect and serve him- Yukari (a water spirit) and Ise ( an orangutan).

The second book (or volume) of TDPMH follows on from the first starting at chapter 4. 

Links, go and check them out:

Taran Matharu

Aya Shouoto




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